Electronic lock
Grade 1 Electronic Mortise Lock
- ANSI grade 1 compliant
- UL 3 hours fire rated
- Center to center: 3-7/8”(98mm) or 3-5/8”(92mm) adjustable
- Structed with 3.0 v DC coreless motor
- With detective sensors for door locking/unlocking status

ANSI grade 1 compliant. Provide more reliable transmission and provides idling protection to motor in case of over stroke.

Power efficiency
3.0V motor direct drive screw rod movement; s
imple movement, minimize defect less than gearbox and allows highly improved efficiency.

 signal combinations can provide a full image of lock status for function development.

Electronic Specification

Operating Voltage:
Motor Type: DC Coreless Motor
Locking Mechanism: Clutch
Avg. Power: 77.96 mW
Unlocking Avg. Time:35-40 Ms
Locking Avg. Time: 35-40 Ms
Detective Sensors(Optional):1.Motor sensor 2.Auxiliary bolt sensor 3.Physical key sensor

Mechanical Specification


Standard: ANSI grade 1/ UL 3 HRS fire rated certificated

Function: F13 Apartment/ Dormitory function (Interior lever could retract latch bolt& deadbolt  simultaneously)
Handing: Non-handed lever, The lockset can be re-handed without disassembling the lock case

Door Thickness: Standard : 1-3/4" (45mm) – 2-3/20”(55mm)

Backset: 2-3/4" (70mm)
Lock case: Center to Center  3-7/8”(98mm) or 3-5/8”(92mm) adjustable”; Heavy-gauge (2.3mm)  steel, 6-1/16" (154mm) x 4-7/16"  (113mm) x 1" (25mm).

Front: Heavy-Gauge steel, 8" (203mm) x 1-1/4" (32mm) x -3/32" (2mm). Accommodates flat doors and doors beveled 1/8" (3mm) in 2" (51mm).

Latch bolt: 2-piece stainless mechanical with Anti-friction insert, 23/32" (18.2mm) x 1" (26mm) x 3/4" (18.8mm) throw.
Auxiliary Latch bolt: 1/2" (12.7mm) effective throw and 3/8"(9.5mm) effective auxiliary latch deadlocking
Deadbolt: One-piece stainless steel, 19/32" (14.5mm) x 1-1/8" (28mm) x 1" (25.4mm) throw.